Accounting Systems eCommerce Integration

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Save your business time and money! No more time lost to manual data entry, or trying to find and correct errors from bad data entry work!

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Accounting Systems eCommerce Integration

Straightsell can integrate with your existing accounting system, or inventory management system software. Accounting system integration is crucial for organisations where ongoing website maintenance has become a full time job, or is likely to!

Accounting Systems Integration Overview Diagram

Select your accounting system below to read more about how we integrate:

Accounting system integration is ideal for customers that:

  • Require a large product catalogue? Do you already have your products and product descriptions in your accounting system? Want to re-create this for your website?
  • Require customer special pricing? Want your customer to see their buy price and have already configured special pricing for order entry in your accounting system? Want to re-create this pricing matrix again for your website?
  • Want customer Invoices displayed on the website? Want to receive payments against Invoice from your website?
  • Have a volume of web orders? Are you manually entering web orders into your accounting system today? Or do you expect to receive a high volume of web orders? Do you have data entry issues today?
  • Have a volume of web orders, and every order is paid by Credit card?
Typically, integration is a key requirement for wholesale business to business (B2B) websites or a high volume retail (B2C) website.

Essentially, accounting system integration saves time - you won't be paying someone to do data entry!

Accounting system integration is delivered by our CatalogueLINK application. CatalogueLINK is installed in your office on a pc or server with access to your accounting system data. CatalogueLINK effectively manages the integration between your accounting system and your website and vice versa.

Connect your Accounting System to your Straightsell Website

Our standard website is a great starting point from which you can develop your business online. You are not locked in to a particular layout or a particular way of functioning and many adjustments can be made with no added cost.

Both appearance and functionality can be completely customised to suit the needs of your business. Review all our eCommerce features and functionality. Have a unique business requirement? Talk to us today!

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