MYOB Advanced Software eCommerce Integration

The MYOB Advanced integration with a Straightsell webstore is facilitated by our tried and tested CatalogueLINK application which automates the data transfer between MYOB Advanced and the webstore.

Our MYOB Advanced Software eCommerce integration covers:

  • Uploaded from MYOB Advanced Software to the website:
    • Inventory Item Details and Stock Levels,
    • Customers and Customer Details,
    • Customer Special Pricing *, and
    • Customer Invoices.
  • Downloaded from website into MYOB Advanced Software:
    • Sales Orders,
    • Payments on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices, and
    • New Customer and Customer Details.

Additional features that are supported include:

  • MYOB Advanced:
    • A minimum of one MYOB Advanced Sales & CRM User (API) License is required,
    • Export of PayPal payment receipts,
    • Unit of Measure ** (With and Without Percent and Quantity Breaks / Base Price, Customer Price and Customer Price Class),
    • Multi-Branch and Inter-Branch Transactions enabled, and
    • Creation of 'SO' and 'SA' Sales Order Types only.

Please review a list of all our websites integrated to MYOB Advanced.

* Customer special pricing that is supported includes: Product Specific Price Levels (includes: Default Price / RRP) / Customer Specific Sales Prices by Price Type (includes: Customer inc. Break Qty and Effective Dates / Base inc. Break Qty and Effective Dates / Customer Price Class inc. Break Qty and Effective Dates) / Discount Codes With and Without Percent, Quantity Breaks and UOMs (includes: Customer Price Class and Item / Customer Price Class and Item Price Class / Customer and Item / Customer and Item Price Class). ** Website implementation required.

Key eCommerce Features

Our B2B plan comes with a Login Portal Theme and a limited set of possible Add-Ons, and caters for only showing products, stock indicators and pricing after login. The B2B & B2C plan comes with a Standard Theme, a greater choice of possible Add-ons, and caters for showing all products publicly, with optional pricing, stock indicators and ability to purchase before login, with stock indicators and pricing and ability to purchase after login. The Advanced plan provides a choice of either eCommerce Theme and all possible Add-Ons, and allows for additional website or integration custom development to be included in the implementation project.

B2B B2B & B2C Advanced
All Australian      
Hosting - Powered by AWS
Support Team
Development Team
Plan Inclusions      
Number of Products 50,000 50,000 50,000
Page Views Per Month 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Online Sales Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CMS Logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Order Volumes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Products Shown Publically
Custom Development Services - Website or Integration
Review all Features

Popular eCommerce Add-Ons

Below are the 6 most popular eCommerce Add-Ons that customers have chosen over time. Make sure to review all possible eCommerce Add-Ons and let us know what Add-Ons need to be included in your implementation project. Not sure what functionality is included out-of-the-box? Review the demonstration websites from the eCommerce Themes page of our website here.

Our eCommerce Websites

Below are the 6 most recent customer websites to launch, we uniquely show a full listing of live customer website right here on our website, so you can review what we have done, and who we have done it for! Make sure to review All Our Websites by Launch Date and if there is something you like about some other customers website, then let us know so we can include it in your implementation project. Not sure what functionality is included out-of-the-box? Review the demonstration websites from the eCommerce Themes page of our website here.

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31 Mar
Paterson Fine Jewellery complete the final polish and launch their new Straightsell eCommerce website integrated with MYOB Advanced
Paterson Fine Jewellery, one of Australia's most prominent jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers, have launched their new MYOB Advanced integrated eCommerce website.