MYOB Exo Software eCommerce Integration

The MYOB Exo integration with a Straightsell webstore is facilitated by our tried and tested CatalogueLINK application which automates the data transfer between MYOB Exo and the webstore.

Our MYOB Exo Software eCommerce integration covers:

  • Uploaded from MYOB Exo Software to the website:
    • Inventory Item Details and Stock Levels,
    • Customers and Customer Details,
    • Customer Special Pricing *, and
    • Customer Invoices
  • Downloaded from website into MYOB Exo Software:
    • Sales Orders,
    • Payments on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices, and
    • New Customer and Customer Details

Additional features that are supported include:

  • MYOB Exo
    • The upload of inventory extra fields (The first 24 fields from the MYOB Exo Stock Items Details, Extra Fields tab)
    • The upload of debtor extra fields (The first 24 fields from the MYOB Exo Debtor Account Details, Extra Fields tab)
    • The upload of Branch Invoices to Head Office when configured in MYOB Exo
    • The upload of the ‘Stop Credit’ flag (from Debtor Account Details)
    • BOM Item Types 'Kit' and 'Build' and stock quantity handling

Please review a list of all of our customers using MYOB Exo Software eCommerce integration.

* Up to 20 Sell Prices (price levels) defined against the item in Stock Item Details / All specials that are derived from the best price calculation for both Stock Groups and Stock Price Groups.

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8 Oct
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