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MYOB Exo Software eCommerce Integration

The Straightsell eCommerce Platform webstore integration to MYOB Exo is facilitated by our prebuilt CatalogueLINK application which automates the data transfer between MYOB Exo and the webstore.

Transferred from MYOB Exo to the webstore:

  • Inventory Item Details and Stock Levels,
  • Customers and Customer Details,
  • Customer Special Pricing, and
  • Customer Invoices and Credit Notes.

Transferred from the webstore to MYOB Exo:

  • Sales Orders or Jobs,
  • Payments on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices, and
  • New Customer and Customer Details.


  • Filtering the import of Stock Items based on Show on Web site and/or Active Flag,
  • Configurable field mapping and import of Stock Item standard fields, Extra Fields tab fields, Web tab fields and Notes.
  • Upload of Lookup Items,
  • Upload and stock quantity tracking for Bill of Material (BOM) Items for Kit and Build type BOMs,
  • Upload of Debtor Extra Fields* tab fields,
  • Upload of the Debtor Stop Credit* Flag,
  • Upload of Customer Sales Backorder Lists*,
  • Upload of On Purchase Order List*,
  • Download of PayPal payment receipts, and
  • Display of Branch Invoices to Head Office when configured in MYOB Exo.

Windows integration (CatalogueLINK):

  • Automated operation with option to perform manual data transfers,
  • Configurable field selection and mapping from CatalogueLINK to MYOB Exo fields,
  • Export of inventory data to XLS file for manual update,
  • Import of inventory data from XLS file,
  • Creation of data transformation rules between MYOB Exo and CatalogueLINK, including:
    • Application of item data to field based on data in another field,
    • Item Ignore / Unignore Rules, and
    • Data transfer logging.
  • Installation on a Windows machine is required.

* Website implementation required.

Stock Item Details:

  • Assigning a single Price Level as the websites Standard Price (RRP) from the first 20 Sell Prices (Price Levels).

Debtor Account Details, Base Price:

  • Assigning the Base Price value for the Debtor from the first 20 Sell Prices (Price Levels).

Debtor Account Details, Discounts/Prices:

  • Support for all functionality, including Stock Price Groups, Debtor Price Policy Groups, quantity breaks and Fixed price policies.



Website Hosting Only

Sell your products to customers via a login portal


  • 50,000 products
  • 15,000 orders per year
  • 1,000,000 monthly page views
  • Unlimited Data Storage

B2B & B2C

Website Hosting Only

Display and sell your products to all customers via a webstore


  • All B2B features
  • Products available publicly
  • Additional Product Display, Checkout & Marketing options
  • Additional Add-on options


Website Hosting Only

All available features with the addition of custom development


  • All B2B & B2C features
  • All Add-on options
  • Custom development options
Note: All pricing in Australian dollars, excluding GST, for new customers only. All plans billed monthly, with set-up billed equally over 1st 3 months from sign-up.
Note 2: Sage Intacct quarterly API call charges of $0.05 USD for the 1st 1,000 API calls per quarter plus $0.15 USD for every 10 API calls after the 1st 1,000 calls. API calls are invoiced in AUD based on the USD exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

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