Stokes Appliance Parts find everything fits together perfectly and launches their updated Straightsell eCommerce webstore integrated with MYOB Exo

Oliver Fraatz

Stokes Appliance Parts is the largest independent distributor of domestic, commercial and industrial appliance spare parts to the Australian market with a comprehensive range of spare parts and product information.

Stokes Appliance Parts have been a Straightsell customer since early-2013 and approached Straightsell to update their website to the latest website template version in order to take advantage of all of the new standard features that are included, and to update the website design and layout.

Straightsell has delivered a visually updated eCommerce webstore that retains all of the websites previous features and adds a few new eCommerce add-ons.

The eCommerce integration with MYOB Exo continues to cater for the automatic transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Exo and web orders and payments to MYOB Exo via the Straightsell pre-built eCommerce integration to MYOB Exo.

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