JCurve ERP Software eCommerce Integration

The JCurve ERP integration with a Straightsell webstore is enabled by the Straightsell CMS CloudLINK facility which automates the data transfer between the JCurve ERP and the webstore.

Note: JCurve ERP is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand small business edition of NetSuite, the global #1 cloud ERP software suite.

Our JCurve ERP Software eCommerce integration covers:

  • Imported from JCurve ERP Software to the website:
    • Inventory Item Details and Stock Levels,
    • Customers and Customer Details,
    • Customer Special Pricing *, and
    • Customer Invoices.
  • Exported from website into JCurve ERP Software:
    • Sales Orders,
    • Payments on Sales Orders and Customer Invoices, and
    • New Customer and Customer Details. **

Additional features that are supported include:

  • JCurve ERP:
    • Custom Fields from Inventory Items,
    • Multiple Unit of Measure ***,
    • Matrix Items and Matrix Subitems, and
    • Item Classes as Web Category Levels.

* Customer special pricing support includes: Inventory Item, Sales/Pricing tab Price Levels including Quantity Breaks by Line Quantity, and assigning a Customer Price Level, and Customer, Financial tab, Group Pricing sub tab and Item Pricing sub tab including assigning a different Price Level or Custom Price Level. ** NOTE: Where required, support for these features can be provided. *** Website implementation required.

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