Mayfair Dental Supplies bond with Straightsell for the delivery of their new Jcurve integrated eCommerce webstore

Oliver Fraatz

Mayfair Dental Supplies is an Australian owned dental supply company based in Perth which imports and distributes high quality disposable and consumable dental products at affordable prices.

Mayfair Dental Supplies requires a new webstore that could be integrated with Jcurve and includes a feature for some of their customers where procurement staff could raise an order for an administrator to approve. The fact that we could supply the webstore, integration and the Shopping Cart Checkout Approvals feature as a standard add-on, was crucial to their decision to move forward with us.

The integration with Jcurve will cater for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from Jcurve and web orders and payments to Jcurve via the Straightsell eCommerce prebuilt cloud integration to Jcurve.

Keep an eye on the all our websites by launch date page for the new Mayfair Dental Supplies website launching soon...

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