ACME Packaging find the optimum webstore platform with a Straightsell eCommerce webstore integrated with Jcurve ERP

Oliver Fraatz

ACME Packaging's proven formula of premium quality products paired with exceptional customer service and powerful customised solutions has brought a refreshing change to the Australian packaging scene, for businesses large and small. ACME has the solution for every item on your menu, whether you're a solo cafe operator, bakery, patisserie or a multi-site restaurant chain.

ACME Packaging were looking for a webstore platform that included all of the features they needed without the need for customisation inclusive of a Jcurve ERP integration. Crucial to their decision to move forward with Straightsell was that not only did the platform met their needs and could easily be integrated with Jcurve ERP via a pre-built solution, but that additionally, the technology to deliver the complete solution for the project was all under one roof.

The integration with Jcurve ERP will cater for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from Jcurve ERP and web orders and payments to Jcurve ERP via the Straightsell prebuilt cloud eCommerce integration to Jcurve ERP.

Keep an eye on the listing of all our websites by launch date page for the new ACME Packaging eCommerce website launching soon...

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