Ecommerce Website Add-ons

We have a number of standardised addons that can be included on your ecommerce website at minimal extra cost.

These are some of the most asked for addons that will add to the functionality we include as standard. If you don't see what you are after here talk to us about your requirements and it can be developed as part of your project.

Account Manager Login

The Straightsell Account Manager Login functionality is specifically tailored for an Account Manager or Sales Representative that currently places orders on behalf of customers, either on the road or with the customer at the time of order. Ideally suited for a small form factor devices like The new iPad or any other Android or Windows based tablet device. The Straightsell Account Manager Login requires no installation on the device only internet access to view website pages.

Once the account manager or sales representative selects the customer they are then logged into that customer. The Account Manager can navigate the product catalogue and view product information and pricing for products specific to that customer, and add products to the cart for an order for that customer.

With the Straightsell Account Manger Login, an account manager or sales representative can review all aspects of their customer's products, product pricing and place orders instantly, saving time and money... Add Straightsell's accounting system eCommerce integration, and account manager's orders on behalf of customers can be automatically added to your accounting system, without re-keying the order!

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Promotion Codes

Straightsell promotion code functionality enables Straightsell website customers to offer their customers discounts on products via the entry of an alphanumeric code to the shopping cart or during the checkout process.

We can add promotion codes to either a Straightsell Standard Design or Custom Design eCommerce website.

We typically would provide training on how to configure a Promotion Code via the Straightsell Control Panel and how to redeem a promotion code via the website templates as part of a promotion code implementation project.

The following details how Promotion Codes work in Straightsell:

Discount Type and Period:
Date period discounts can be offered as:

  • Dollar amount off total order
  • Dollar amount off category or product
  • Percentage amount off total order
  • Percentage amount off category or product
  • Set price (ex tax) for a list of products
For order based discounts (#1 & 3 above) a minimum dollar threshold can also be set. This means that the discount will only be applicable on an order total greater than $XX.XX (the amount set).

Promotion Code(s) Generation:
You can generate the promotion codes and elect to either manually or automatically create a specific number of codes. Note that the code(s) can also be unique or reusable (multiple use code limited by date).

Promotion Code(s) Delivery:
Once the promotion code(s) have been generated they can be distributed in the traditional way via flyers or gift vouchers or if desired automatically via the website.

The website can be configured to send a promotion code to the customer if they have placed an order greater than $XX.XX (Note that this can be $00.00 if required). The customer's promotion code will be added to the order confirmation email that they receive.

Promotion Code(s) Redemption:
The promotion code can be redeemed by the customer during the checkout process. When the customer clicks 'checkout' from the shopping cart the first page shown will allow them to enter a promotion code and the website will validate the code against the items in the customer's cart or the order.

Validation of the promotion code occurs on one or more of the following:
  • Has the customer got the correct product in the cart for the code to be valid
  • Is the order value high enough for the code to be valid
  • Is the promotion date still active
The customer entering the code will be informed if the code entered is either valid or invalid.

NOTE: A customer is only able use one promotion code per order checkout.

The following accounting systems integrations include promotion code handling:
  • SAP Business One Software eCommerce Integration
  • Sage 300 ERP Software eCommerce Integration
  • MYOB Exo Software eCommerce Integration
  • Attache Software eCommerce Integration
  • MYOB Advanced Software eCommerce Integration
We could add promotion code handling to other accounting systems integrations, not detailed above, as required.

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Cart or Checkout Approval Process

A checkout approval process provides your website account customers with the ability to require approval of a shopping cart prior to completing the checkout process. A standard user is required to submit a cart for approval rather than complete the checkout, which an administrator user may then approve, restore the cart and complete the purchase.

Ideal for organisations that require centralised purchasing control, with both centralised and de-centralised payment methods.

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Manual Buyers File Upload and Email to Buyers

When a current websites Usernames for each customer are required to be used for the new Straightsell website, we would manually create a Buyer file and upload this directly to the Straightsell Control Panel. We typically would provide training on preparing the buyers file, and once trained; you (our customer) would actually prepare the full file for upload. After upload and after launch of the new website, we would email all "Buyers" their usernames and a link to the new website.

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Category Header Text and Images

We would add category header text and images similar to Brian Cummins, with ability to display category text, plus one (1) related image and display this on the top of the Product List page for each category set.

Additional customisation can be undertaken if you would like something different to the default display style for this functionality. For example, Buckley and Phillips used this functionality to display category text on top of a large background image.

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Display "Was" Pricing (eg RRP or Wholesale price)

The price displayed as "Was" can either come from a products standard/default price or from a custom field that we create for you against all items in the product catalogue. This field will be populated with the Wss or RRP price of a product that is 'On Special'.

Where this field contains data and the value is greater than the standard or calculated price for a product, the value will show with a strikethough as per the example below.

The above change will occur on the following website pages/areas:

  • Product List,
  • Print Page,
  • Product Details,
  • Home Page Products,
  • Featured Products,
  • Quickorder, and
  • Options Product Price swap-out.
NOTE: On initial page load (product details), where a product has options the parent size and price would be displayed where applicable. Pricing would update as options are selected.

If you (our customer) wished to configure products with this "Price" in your accounting system, then you could co-ordinate the addition of a new user define field with your selected accounting system consultant. The addition of this field in your accounting system would mean that we could configure our accounting systems integration to import and upload the data in this field to the website.

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Dealer Locator Map

You can provide us with third party code to include a dynamic dealer locator map, similar to Echelon Sports. These sorts of maps usually require more detailed information from you (our customer), such as the latitude and longitude of your dealers or stockists.

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Stockist List

We would add a Stockist page which would display a map of Australia and New Zealand with Australian State and Territory selectable regions and upon selection of a region the website will navigate to a seperate page devoted to the selected State or Territory, similar to J Style stockists page. We would load example data and provide training on how to populate the data.

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Drop-down Menu for Additional Static Pages

We would add a drop-down menu item to cater for the display of additional static pages in a drop-down menu, similar to IAutomation "Sensor Application" menu. You (our customer) would provide the page names to be populated in each drop-down, as required.

Let CatalogueLINK Save Your Business Time and Money!

CatalogueLINK connects your accounting system to your Straightsell website and can take care of inventory, customers, pricing and invoices. No more time lost to manual data entry, or trying to find and correct errors from bad data entry work!

Accounting system integration is crucial for organisations where ongoing website maintenance has become a full time job, or is likely to! Ask for a demonstration of how our software could work for you.