Account Manager Login


Let your Account Manager or Sales Representative places orders on behalf of customers by enabling the Account Manager Login add-on on your Straightsell website.

Straightsell Account Manager Login functionality enables an Account Manager or Sales Representative, who currently orders on behalf of customers, to do so via the website, thus creating a unified ordering platform for all orders.

Account Manager Login functionality via the website is ideally suited for use with small form factor devices like tablets and mobile phones and does not require the installation any software on the device, all you need is an internet connection!

Example Account Manager Login.

Our demonstration website is configured for Account Manager Login, just use the username and password details on the home page the website to login. Try it out!

Account Manager Login Features Include:

  • Ordering on behalf of customers
  • Search for customer accounts via Accoount Manager landing page
  • Access to all customer information including:
    • Products
    • Pricing
    • Previous Orders
    • Invoices
  • Account Manager specific favourite products listing
  • Per Customer Month to Date Summary view of Orders Numbers(#) and Value($)
  • Per Customer Year to Date Summary view of Orders Numbers(#) and Value($)
  • Ability to override customer pricing via the complementary Account Manager Unit Price Override add-on


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