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Straightsell Content Management Functionality

One of the differences between a Straightsell website and most others is that once a Straightsell website is created you can log-in to change content; product and pricing; text and images for yourself, without paying fees to do these changes. This is called a website Content Management System.

Straightsells website Content Management System includes:
  • The ability to change website page text and images using a WYSIWYG editor without needing to know HTML.
  • The ability to add, edit or delete News items for your website.
  • The ability to upload and assign images to products with ability to search, amend and remove images from products.
  • The ability to create an email template, select the customer you want to email, and schedule a personalised email to each customer.
  • The ability to update product information allowing you to display your products nicely without knowing html, using a WYSIWG editor.
  • Tools for entering title tags and meta tags to give your website the best chance of attracting new customers from search engines.
  • A number of standard enquiry and response forms; people using these forms can be automatically captured in a database. You can then send emails to these customers as part of marketing campaigns.
  • Ability to monitor where, how often and what people have searched to find your website, with Website Statistics.
  • Versioning and limited roll back functionality for each website page.
  • A role based security system that allows you to create roles that give users with those roles assigned to them specific permissions as to what they can and cannot see and do.
  • The ability to split the editing and publishing roles for your site to give a company control over what content is published on your website.
  • The ability to create a directory structure for files, web pages and images and allows content to be either active on the website generally, or restricted to specific users, or be completely "parked" whilst it is not in use.
  • A form generator that allows you to create forms for your website that contain whatever specific fields you need in them.
  • A freight page for setting up freight terms for your customers.
  • The ability to upload freight rate spreadsheets from your freight providers that can then be used to calculate the freight that is applicable to a web orders.
  • Multiple freight options with ability to define the default, or to restrict specific freight options to specific customers.
  • The ability to upload and download buyers, products, product associations, and other contacts in a tab delimited text file format.
Straightsells content management functionality allows you to manage all of your static website text, images and documents through the same solution as you manage your products and buyers.

Are we missing something you want? Let us know what it is and where you saw it, and we will build it into your new Straightsell websites content management system for you! Thats right we can customise the content management system as well!