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Call us in AU on 1300 136 456 or NZ on +61 8 7078 4580

Oritech get the right tool for the job and launch their new Straightsell eCommerce webstore integrated with MYOB Exo

Oritech service clients in a range of industries that include: electronics manufacturing, original equipment, construction, government and defence, medical, engineering, mining, education and energy. Oritech also widely supply to individuals and hobbyists looking for quality products and great prices.

Oritech were looking to take their online presence to the next level and as such had a long list of website requirements that included integration to MYOB Exo. In speaking with us it was clear that Straightsell could fulfill all of their needs and additionally could point to a long track record of successfully delivering MYOB Exo projects, as exemplified by the over 35 live eCommerce Webstores Integrated to MYOB Exo.

The prebuilt eCommerce integration with MYOB Exo caters for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Exo and web orders and payments to MYOB Exo via the Straightsell pre-built eCommerce integration to MYOB Exo.

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