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Call us in AU on 1300 136 456 or NZ on +61 8 7078 4580

Witters Industrial Supplies complete the final polish and launch their new Straightsell eCommerce Platform webstore

Witters Industrial Supplies is based in Melbourne and supplies industrial, commercial and domestic customers with all of their cleaning, chemicals, consumables and equipment including: safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) products, packaging and strapping supplies, toilet paper and all paper products, office and lunchroom supplies, hand cleaners, soaps and chemicals. Witters also cater for warehouse manual handling equipment, vacuum cleaners and warehouse safety equipment.

Witters were looking replace their website, which was no longer able to cater for the needs of their growing business, with a new eCommerce website that could not only satisfy their current requirements, but could keep pace with any future business expansion.

Straightsell has delivered a modern looking website with a straightforward, easy to buy from experience where additional features can be easily added in the future.

The website utilises the Straightsell eCommerce Platform webstore which includes a Content Management System (CMS) featuring: catalogue and customer account management coupled with functionality to configure customer specific pricing plus freight rules by locality.

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