J.G. Thomas charge ahead and launch their new Straightsell eCommerce Webstore Integrated with MYOB Exo

Oliver Fraatz

J G Thomas distributes thousands of products to electrical wholesalers, industrial operations, mine sites, oil and gas facilities, and engineering firms in Perth and throughout WA and their Perth based team also offers a level of technical knowledge and support that is unmatched in their field in WA.

J.G. Thomas required a modern looking self-managed eCommerce webstore that could be easily integrated with MYOB Exo. Straightsell has delivered a B2B & B2C integrated webstore incorporating a number of add-ons which includes a Credit Card Payment gateway.

The integration with MYOB Exo caters for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Exo and web orders and payments to MYOB Exo via the Straightsell eCommerce prebuilt integration to MYOB Exo.

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