Terracotta Works find their pot of gold with the launch their new SAP Business One integrated Straightsell eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Terracotta Works has manufacturing partners across Asia and Europe and more than 25 years of experience. Terracotta Works is the number one choice for dynamic retailers across Australia.

Terracotta Works required a mobile friendly, self-managed, eCommerce website that could be easily integrated with SAP Business One. Straightsell has provided an eCommerce website incorporating a number of add-ons, including: Category Header Text and Images, Product Quantity Discount Pricing Display and Was Price Discount Display along with a custom feature that enables a range of products specified from SAP Business One to be offered to a specific group of customers for a limited period each year.

The integration caters for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from SAP Business One and web orders and web order payments to SAP Business One via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with SAP Business One.

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