Straightsell migration to AWS is complete!

Chris Slattery

In mid-2017 the Straightsell team made the decision to pursue a migration of all Straightsell systems servers from an in-house managed Adelaide based datacentre to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Less than 2 weeks ago the migration project was completed, and all Straightsell systems servers are now hosted from the Sydney based AWS datacentres.
Why did we move?
  • Eliminate aging hardware
  • Cater for growing customer demand
  • Reduce the overhead associated with managing physical hardware
  • Deliver redundant power and uplink (internet) connectivity
  • Deliver automatic database fail over
We have already seen the benefits of the move to AWS with a reduction in the page generation time, an average 3 times quicker (360ms to 113ms) since the migration, and the Straightsell systems recorded the most number of pages generated in a single day on the 4th April 2018!  

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