Yipose Trading has fashioned a three in one website with the launch of their new Attache Integrated Straightsell eCommerce website catering for their retail and wholesale customers

Oliver Fraatz

Yipose Trading Company is an Australian business that designs contemporary children's gift, toy and novelty products in their Sydney office. Established in 1987 they have created their own girl brand Pink Poppy (www.pinkpoppy.com.au) and boy brand Tono which are loved by children and their parents for its colourful designs, style and affordability.

Yipose Trading has been a Straightsell customer since 2011, when a contract to supply an initial website was signed. After review of the latest Straightsell Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce Website they saw an opportunity to upgrade their existing website to a mobile friendly website and also amalgamate their remaining non-eCommerce websites into a single platform.

The new Yipose Trading online ordering website is a Straightsell Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce website that has been customised to cater for the differing needs of their Australian wholesale (B2B), international wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) ordering channels. The website displays products, visuals, and information that is specific to each of their three ordering channels, All in the one website!

The catalogue available to each of the ordering channels on the website is driven by an eCommerce integration with Attache that incorporates upload of product data, stock availability, customer data and customer special pricing. Attache is also the reception point for all orders placed on the website.

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