Mobile device access to Straightsell websites - November 2017

John O'Flaherty

It is supremely important these days to have a website that is optimised for mobile devices. To gather our statistics, we periodically take a snapshot of a week's traffic and analyse the user-agent strings to create a breakdown of what devices are accessing the Straightsell platform.
If you are an existing Straightsell customer and are interested in getting a specific breakdown for your website contact support.
The breakdowns show that mobile device access is 27.5% of traffic of which 68.3% of that is phones.

Apple devices account for nearly 2/3rds of hits on the Straightsell system, a negligible change from when we last checked in July 2017. However, both Apple and Android have lost ground to other mobile phone devices.


The overall trend shows mobile increasing and desktop decreasing, with values of less than 20% back in October 2013 and upto 36% in July this year.

Mobile Device Access, Technical Updates