Mobile device access to Straightsell websites - July 2017

John O'Flaherty

It is important to know how people use your website, if you are not catering for a percentage of your user base it can affect the value and number of orders processed through your website.

Below we have the percentages and trends for mobile usage across all Straightsell websites. If you are an exisitng Straightsell customer and are interested in getting a specific breakdown for your website contact support.

Now to the nitty gritty!

Mobile usage continues to march on, now 36.2% of Straightsell traffic, up 12.8% from October 2016.

Seems like everyone is buying iPhones. Last time we checked in October 2016 Apple had 53% of the hits on the Straightsell system, it has increased that to now make up 67.2% of the mobile traffic compared to other devices.

The graph below better illustrates the jump over the last year.

The Straightsell statistics above are slowly coming into line with the Australian average as compared to StatCounter Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Australia which shows that mobile vs desktop is close to a 50-50 split.

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