Beauty Warehouse give their website a facelift with an upgrade to a mobile friendly Straightsell eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Beauty Warehouse has been a Straightsell customer since 2006 and chose to upgrade their current website to the mobile friendly Straightsell Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce website. The website will continue to list over 4,500 items all sourced from their DANT (Fashion Software) accounting system.

Catering for their current DANT (Fashion Software) accounting system is made easy by utilising the Straightsell Text File eCommerce Integration which can facilitate integration with any accounting package where text files can be produced. The integration will support all Beauty Warehouse requirements for the upload of product data, customer data, customer pricing groups and download of web orders and credit card payments and web orders.

Do you utilise DANT or another accounting system we do not currently integrate with, and need an integrated eCommerce website but do not want to undertake an expensive bespoke integration? If so, Contact Us about text file integration...

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