MYOB Advanced Software eCommerce Integration

Oritech has integrated their website with MYOB Advanced


Oritech has been involved in supplying professional tools and equipment related to the electronics manufacturing and service industry for over 10 years, supporting research and development and the electro-mechanical fields.

"We were originally introduced to Straightsell in August 2015 by our MYOB Advanced business partner Enabling (Victoria). We were still in the process of finalising the selection of MYOB Advanced, and a key requirement of the selection, was that we could integrate an eCommerce website for our retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) customers.

It was important to us to ensure that the new website was up and running not long after MYOB Advanced went live, and juggling the accounting system and eCommerce website set-up at the same time had its challenges, although these challenges were made easier with the support of the Straightsell.

Our website launched in early 2016, and since then it has processed over 450 orders worth 12 times what we paid for the website, and almost half the orders have been paid by credit card, up front!

We are able to take orders and payments from customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no matter whether the customer uses a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

We are more than happy with our decision to go with Straightsell, and would recommend them to any business wanting to improve their efficiency."

Roy and Trevor Kingon, Oritech Pty Ltd