Salute keeps marching ahead and launch their visually updated MYOB Advanced integrated Straightsell eCommerce webstore.

Oliver Fraatz

Salute has been helping South Australians for almost 30 years, by providing packaging, washroom, hand hygiene and cleaning solutions with unmatched customer service.

Salute have been a Straightsell customer since 2015 and needed to migrate their webstore integration from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced, while at the same time using the opportunity to update the webstore to the latest website template version.

Straightsell has delivered a visually updated eCommerce platform webstore that retains all of the websites previous features and a few new ones such as support for MYOB Advanced multiple unit of measure and a new industry filter for the product catalogue.

The prebuilt eCommerce integration with MYOB Advanced caters for the automatic transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Advanced and web orders and payments processing to MYOB Advanced via the Straightsell pre-built cloud eCommerce integration to MYOB Advanced.

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