JCurve ERP eCommerce Integration

Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies has integrated their website with JCurve ERP

Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies

Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies specialise in selling high quality cleaning and packaging supplies as well as a large range of environmentally friendly products.

"After deciding we need to switch our accounting and distribution software to JCurve ERP, it was important we didn’t have to go back to entering orders and payments manually from our website into JCurve ERP, or have to update stock levels, pricing and customer special pricing to the website manually. Our website had to be integrated like it was before the change to JCurve ERP! The existing Straightsell website was simple for our customers to use, and had broad out of the box eCommerce functionality to suit the variety of customers we support, so the decision to migrate our existing Straightsell website to integrate with JCurve ERP was easy.

The Straightsell project team were, once again, helpful, patient and great to work with! Straightsell were able to adapt to the differences between our old system and JCurve ERP, catering for the way we configure multiple UOMs and for the setup of customers special prices in JCurve ERP. Straightsell worked out what to do, and got it done, well done!"

Sharon Berderow, Owner/Manager, Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies


Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies