MYOB AccountRight Premier Software eCommerce Integration

Australian Barbell Company has integrated their website with MYOB AccountRight Premier

Australian Barbell Company

Established in 1942, The Australian Barbell Company is proud of its reputation as Australia's leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of weight lifting and weight training equipment.

"I contacted Straightsell as we needed to build a new website which would integrate seamlessly with our MYOB AccountRight software and also calculate shipping for our online customers. Many other website builders initially confirmed they were able to integrate a website with MYOB, but as we dug a little deeper, it became obvious they were not confident or experience in the integration requirements.

Straightsell, on the other hand, competently and capably met all our requirements and built a website that exceeded our long list of criteria. Due to the vast, heavy and bulky nature of our product range, our freight calculation requirements are more advanced than most other online stores. Again, Straightsell worked with us to achieve a very satisfactory outcome. Since launching the website, we have received positive feedback from our customers regarding the website look, ease of use and layout.

I would recommend Straightsell to any business seeking a website which is fully integrated with MYOB AccountRight. They were a great team to work with, and no matter what our requests were as we moved through the development stage, the Straightsell team always found a way to fulfil our needs."

Jenny Harding, Managing Director, Australian Barbell Company

Australian Barbell Company