Step Global takes a large stride forward and launches their new Straightsell eCommerce Platform website

Oliver Fraatz

Step Global provides engineered solutions for a variety of applications including precision timing, RFID, networking and the real time management of mobile assets. This includes full system architecture design through module integration and software development. Step Global specialises in developing both hardware peripherals and software applications.

Step Global have been a Straightsell customer since mid-2016 and approached Straightsell to update their website to the latest version of website template to obtain new features such as product attribute filtering. Straightsell has delivered a visually updated eCommerce website that retains all of the websites previous features and adds new ones such as Category Header Text and Images.

The website utilises a Straightsell eCommerce Platform webstore which includes a Content Management System (CMS) featuring: catalogue and customer account management coupled with functionality to configure customer specific pricing and freight rules by locality.

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Website Launch