Tynic Automation have Straightsell mould them a new Attache integrated EP Direct webstore dedicated to engineering plastics products

Oliver Fraatz

Tynic Automation is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of EP Direct, a cutting-edge online store dedicated to meeting customers engineering plastics needs. Tynic Automation have curated a comprehensive selection of engineering plastics ranging from versatile polymers to specialised compounds for the new webstore.

Tynic Automation were looking to partner with an eCommerce integration specialist that could provide a self-managed Attache integrated webstore for their EP Direct brand. Key to their decision to progress with the project was that Straightsell could provide all of the features requested including a supplied visual design.

The pre-built eCommerce integration with Attache will cater for the automatic transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from Attache and web orders and payments to Attache via the Straightsell pre-built eCommerce integration to Attache.

Keep an eye on the listing of all our websites by launch date page for the new EP Direct website launching soon...

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