Attache Software eCommerce Integration

Central Queensland Distributors has integrated their website with Attache

Central Queensland Distributors

Central Queensland Distributors service remote outback communities with over 3500 bargains on everything from toys, kitchenware, electrical appliances, manchester, clothing, household products, hardware, fishing, sport and leisure and more.

"When we decided we needed a website, it was crucial to have a website that was integrated with our Attache accounting system. It would also need to be uniquely designed to suit our requirements. To this end, a Straightsell Custom Design website ticked all our boxes.
Straightsell helped design and implement our website within the agreed time frame and under the agreed budget. Being customisable the website was and still is a dynamic entity which can be changed to suit our needs as they change.

Straightsell support is also only a phone call away and no matter how complicated the request, they come up with the solution.

If an Attache integrated custom designed website with custom functionality is what you are looking for go for Straightsell."

Andrew Goodwood, Director, Central Queensland Distributors

Central Queensland Distributors