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Call us in AU on 1300 136 456 or NZ on +61 8 7078 4580


Connect your Straightsell webstore to Klaviyo and enable a range of features that can be used to help market your website to customers and increase sales.

Extend the capability of your Straightsell website by integrating it with Klaviyo. The integration will facilitate the transfer of eCommerce data from your Straightsell webstore to Klaviyo which can then be used to create reports, marketing campaigns and more.

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After you connect your Straightsell webstore you'll be able to access Klaviyo's eCommerce features, these include:

  • Browse abandonment flows
  • Shopping cart abandonment flows
  • Checkout abandonment flows
  • Post-purchase flows and purchase segmentation
  • Category or product level segmentation / flows
  • Mailing list additions from registration and checkout forms

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