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Call us in AU on 1300 136 456 or NZ on +61 8 7078 4580

eGift Vouchers

Have customers purchase Gift Vouchers for themselves and their friends, by enabling the Gift Voucher add-on on your Straightsell website.

Straightsell Gift Vouchers functionality enables you to offer the purchase, delivery and redemption of Gift Vouchers via the website and integration with your accounting system.

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Website features include:

  • Dedicated page for the purchase of gift vouchers
  • Instant email delivery of one or more Gift Vouchers to one or more recipients
  • Redemption of gift vouchers during order checkout

Straightsell CMS features includes:

  • Creation of one or more time-limited Gift Vouchers of differing values
  • Tracking of all vouchers sold, number of redemptions, value total and balance for a given gift voucher

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