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Category Header Text and Images

Add text and images to product category pages to provide extra information for your customers and some additional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website.

This add-on will enable you to easily create text and image content that will appear at the top of product list pages.

Category Header Text and Images Image

This is achieved via the addition of a convenient form in the Straightsell CMS that specifically utilises the following controls:

  • Category Path: Specify the category that the image and text should apply to.
  • Apply To Subcategories: If enabled, the category image and text will apply to all child categories of the chosen category path.
  • Image: The image you want to appear on large screens
  • Mobile Image: The image you want to appear on small screens
  • Heading: The text you want to appear as the title, by default the category name.
  • Description: The descriptive text you want to appear.
  • meta Title: Specify the meta title of the page.
  • meta Description: meta text that summarizes the page's content.

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