Bondwell complete the final checks and launch their new Straightsell eCommerce website integrated with SAP Business One

Oliver Fraatz

Bondwell, a leading retail and solution provider in the world of technology and communications, have launched their new SAP Business One integrated eCommerce website.

Bondwell commenced trading in 1994 as a computer consumable trading company with just one employee... 27 years later the company has over 110 staff and has grown to be Fiji's largest leading IT retailer and solutions provider, with a distribution centre, 9 retail stores and a corporate sales and marketing division. Bondwell is a one stop shop for all IT enthusiasts, and corporate, education and government sector organisations.

Bondwell were looking to partner with a company that could deliver an eCommerce website that integrated with SAP Business One, where the website could process transactions in Fijian dollars. Straightsell has delivered a B2B and B2C website that transacts in Fijian dollars with payments via a Windcave Payment Gateway and the mobile phone based money transfer service M-PAiSA. Other features of the website include: Currency Converter, Alternate Price Display, Product Ratings and Reviews and web order allocation to locations in SAP Business One.

The integration caters for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from SAP Business One and web orders and payments to SAP Business One via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with SAP Business One.

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