Henchman Products hammer out a deal with Straightsell to deliver a MYOB Exo integrated eCommerce webstore for US customers

Oliver Fraatz

Henchman Products, an international single-source supplier of premium tools, have kicked off a new MYOB Exo integrated eCommerce website project.

Henchman Products was established in the beginning of 1999 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The initial focus of their business was on the electronics industry, where Henchman is well recognized today as the national leader in the supply of customized technician toolkits.

Henchman Products, as part of their expansion into the US market, want to utilise a copy of their Australian website for US based customers to purchase from. They were very pleased to find that Straightsell could accommodate their request and, with minimal effort, tailor the webstore for the US market, as well as provide pricing and credit card payments in US dollars.

The integration will cater for the transfer of product data including; inventory and customer information from MYOB Exo and web orders to MYOB Exo via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with MYOB Exo.

Keep an eye on the all our websites by launch date page for the new Henchman Products webstore launching soon...

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