DCA Group accelerate past the finish line and launch their new Straightsell SAP Business One integrated eCommerce webstore

Oliver Fraatz

DCA Group is one of the leading online suppliers of quality diesel automotive parts. Started in 2004, they have sourced, supplied and shipped hundreds, if not thousands of diesel fuel injection parts and accessories across Australia, New Zealand, and all around the world. Their range includes new and remanufactured diesel pumps and injectors, fitting kits, and performance and protection accessories such as power modules, catch cans and filters.

DCA Group were seeking a proven eCommerce website solution that would integrate with their new SAP Business One ERP system. After considering a custom integration with their existing, though outdated website and on internal staff recommendation, DCA Group investigated the possibility of a more comprehensive solution with Straightsell. The plan was to replicate the website functionality DCA Group already had and to enhance and complement their marketing strategy. Straightsell has delivered a SAP Business One integrated Advanced feature set website that has a host of add-ons, including:

The integration caters for the transfer of product data, including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from SAP Business One, and transfer of website data, including; web orders and web order and invoice payments via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with SAP Business One.

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