Novus Chemware have launched their new Straightsell eCommerce website integrated with MYOB Exo

Oliver Fraatz

Novus Chemware are a 2nd generation, family owned, wholesale distribution company and have been operating in the West Australian pharmacy industry since 1987. Over the last 30+ years, they have grown and expanded, and currently market and distribute their large range of products to pharmacy, newsagents, gift stores and independent grocery stores.

Novus Chemware required a self-manageable webstore that could easily integrate with MYOB Exo. Importantly, the webstore needed to be capable of permitting sales representatives and agents to be able to sell products via a tablet or iPad and have orders processed efficiently and directly into MYOB Exo.

Straightsell has delivered a B2B & B2C feature set website with the Account Manager Login add-on, which provides staff and agents that place orders on behalf of customers to do so via the website, thus creating a unified ordering platform for all orders.

The MYOB Exo integration caters for the upload of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Exo and the download of website data including; web orders and web order and invoice payments to MYOB Exo via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with MYOB Exo.

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