Club Warehouse Sports Medical are feeling great now the new Recovery & Performance eCommerce webstore integrated with MYOB Advanced is launched

Oliver Fraatz

Recovery & Performance is a brand-new eCommerce store that sells a range of fitness recovery and performance products and they are partnered with Club Warehouse. Operating for 25 years, Club Warehouse has built strong relationships with key sporting codes and clubs and has become Australia's leading distributor of sports medical and physiotherapy supplies.

Club Warehouse Sports Medical have been a Straightsell customer since 2010 and following the June 2020 upgrade of their website they approached us to build another webstore that aims to showcase their recovery and performance range of products. The new Recovery & Performance website retains all of the eCommerce features of their original site coupled with a fresh look and feel.

The integration caters for the upload of product data including; inventory (including multiple UOM), customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Advanced and the download of website data including; web orders and payments to MYOB Advanced via the existing Straightsell eCommerce integration with MYOB Advanced.

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