Prime Provisions provides their customers a brand-new eCommerce webstore integrated with JCurve ERP

Oliver Fraatz

Prime Provisions is a distributor to health food, wholefood and organic stores, greengrocers, independent supermarkets and cafes. Prime Provisions supply a comprehensive range of market-leading products. The brands they represent are carefully chosen to reflect the best of what's available in the market.

Prime Provisions required a self-manageable webstore that could be easily integrated with JCurve ERP and most importantly, supported all of the pricing rules configured in JCurve ERP for customers. Straightsell has delivered a website with a custom design look and feel, coupled with a number of add-ons and custom features.

The cloud integration caters for the transfer of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from JCurve ERP and the transfer of website data including; web orders and payments to JCurve ERP via the Straightsell eCommerce cloud integration with JCurve ERP.

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