Club Warehouse Australia get the right medicine and chooses Straightsell to upgrade their MYOB Advanced integrated eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Club Warehouse Australia have been a Straightsell customer since early 2010, in the last 6 months they had reviewed a number of different options for the delivery of a new webstore integrated with MYOB Advanced.

In the end it was discovered that by implementing a new Straightsell website that could support their existing customisation features, with some new eCommerce add-ons, coupled with their existing MYOB Advanced integration, the perfect solution had been found!

The integration will continue to cater for the upload of product data including; inventory (incorporating: Multiple UOM functionality), customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Advanced and the download of website data including; web orders and payments to MYOB Advanced via the existing Straightsell eCommerce integration with MYOB Advanced.

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