Italian Food Australia find Straightsell to their taste and signup for the delivery of their new Reckon Accounts Hosted integrated eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Italian Food Australia is still family owned and operated, IFA has made it their mission to supply businesses in the retail and food service industry with the best quality gourmet continental produce from Italy, Spain and France.

Italian Food Australia required an easy to use eCommerce webstore that could be integrated with Reckon Accounts Hosted. Straightsell will deliver a Standard Theme eCommerce website with a number of website add-ons that include: Credit Card Payments, Product Multiple and Product Minimum order quantities.

The cloud-to-cloud eCommerce integration will cater for the transfer of product data from Reckon Accounts Hosted and the transfer of web orders to Reckon Accounts Hosted via the Straightsell eCommerce integration with Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Keep an eye on All Our Websites by Launch Date page for the new Italian Foods Australia eCommerce website launching soon...

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