Schweigen exude an air of quiet confidence with the launch of their new MYOB Advanced integrated retailer partner portal

Oliver Fraatz

Schweigen is the leading German-manufactured, Australian-owned brand behind bestselling silent rangehoods and the revolutionary Isodrive® Motor Systems. For more information, please visit:

The new MYOB Advanced pro forma portal comprises a Straightsell Basic B2B feature set and login portal theme. The integration facilitates the upload of inventory, customer, pricing and invoice information from MYOB Advanced, plus the download of transactional data including web orders and payments via the Straightsell eCommerce integration to MYOB Advanced.

In collaboration with the Schweigen team, a number of customisations were also incorporated to improve the overall user experience and reporting for staff, store admins and sales reps. It is envisioned that the successful integration of automated website data will enhance the point of sale experience for Schweigen’s retail network with improved accuracy and efficiency.

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