Sharpline get the edge with the launch of their updated Attache integrated eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Sharpline Stainless Steel is an Australian stainless-steel company specialising in the design and manufacturing of benching and equipment for commercial and domestic environments.

Sharpline have been a Straightsell customer since mid-2006 and decided to upgrade their existing Straightsell webstore to the latest Advanced feature set website coupled with a Wide Banner eCommerce theme that incorporates a number of customisations, these include:

  • Filtering of the product catalogue based on the type of user that logs in, and
  • Display of co-branding for a large existing Sharpline customer.

The eCommerce integration continues to cater for the upload of product data including; stock availability, customer data, customer special pricing and invoices from Attache and the download of website data including; web orders and payments to Attache via our Straightsell eCommerce integration with Attache.

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