Allens Industrial Products clean up with the launch of their new Hazardous Dust Products MYOB Exo integrated eCommerce website

Oliver Fraatz

Allens Industrial Products are Australia's most dedicated providers of Hazardous Dust Equipment, PPE & Consumables to all levels of industry throughout Australia.

Allens Industrial Products wanted a website similar to their Asbestos Removals Products website to showcase their Hazardous Dust Products range. They chose a Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce website theme with an Advanced feature set.

The MYOB Exo integration was updated so that both sites could be managed independently from the same installation. The integration caters for the upload of product data including; inventory, customer, customer special pricing and invoices information from MYOB Exo and the download of website data including; web orders and payments to MYOB Exo via our Straightsell eCommerce integration with MYOB Exo.

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