Step Global signals launch of a new MYOB Advanced integrated online store for B2C and B2B customers

Chris Slattery

Step Global is a developer of Applications Specific Systems based around GNSS, RFID and wireless communications technologies and provide engineering know-how to customers with cost effective solutions, whether it be application knowledge and systems design to off-the-shelf products, or a full turn-key design of bespoke systems (hardware and software).

The new Step Global eCommerce website is a mobile friendly, Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce website, Full Width style, with over 2,520 global navigation satellite system (GNSS), radio frequency identification (RFID), Telecommunications and rugged mobile computing products available to both business to business (B2B) wholesale account holders and retail, business to consumer (B2C), customers. All products are available via a simple product search, search by brand and via the standard category navigation menu. The product list page is a standard 'list' style layout, and standard favourites, previous orders and list and pay invoices functionality is available from the account menu after login.

Integration with MYOB Advanced includes upload from MYOB Advanced to the website of item details and stock levels, customer details, customer special pricing, and invoices and download from the website to MYOB Advanced of sales orders, payments on sales orders and invoices.

Review the new Step Global MYOB Advanced integrated Straightsell eCommerce website click, Step Global Straightsell Standard 'Responsive Web Design' eCommerce Website.

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