Technical Support for CatalogueLINK, the CMS and your Website is available via the following methods:

The Straightsell Help Centre: 
Available here

If you have staff that require access to the Help Centre, please raise a request on their behalf via the Request Help Centre Access option in the Help Centre. We will set them up with an account as soon as we can.

This is the new home for reporting problems and submitting service requests. Simply select one of the options provided and enter all requested information. Be sure to include specific examples so we can replicate your problem and attach any relevant files such as CatalogueLINK logs if reporting a CatalogueLINK issue, screenshots showing a a website error and so on.

The Help Centre contains knowledge base articles with step by step instructions in how to resolve an issue yourself. Just enter a few words into the search bar (e.g. upload images) and any relevant knowledge base articles will pop up.  If you cannot find one covering your particular request, you can submit a request for a new knowledge base article in the Help Centre.

1300 136 456

Telephone support is available on all business days between 9-5 PM AEST/AEDT, Monday to Friday. 


In future, email support will be deprecated and all support requests will go through the Straightsell Help Centre. For now please feel free to use email whilst you and your staff request accounts for the Straightsell Help Centre.

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